party crashers

MIXTAPE @ Party Crashers 3/18/18

Looking to catch MIXTAPE live? Come to the Bell House on Sunday, March 18th and check 'em out! Their set is at 6:40 and only lasts 15 minutes so don't be tardy to the party!

Moxie & moonshine live @ Wedding Crashers on 3/11/18!

Looking for an opportunity to check out Moxie and moonshine live? Come on out to Wedding Crashers at the Green Building and 501 Union on 3/11/18! We'll be performing (sans percussion) in the front room of 501 Union, 2:20-3:05 - moonshine bluegrass and 3:15-4pm - Moxie Jazz. We'll also have an mmm...bands table set up in the main gallery of 501 Union if you wanna swing by and say hello. Tickets available here, and you can get $10 with promo code IDo -- wahoo!

PS: The following Sunday, March 18th, MIXTAPE will be performing for Party Crashers at the Bell House at 6:30 pm. Tickets available here!